Mike Cryans Files for District 1, Executive Council Seat

I am pleased to have filed for the Executive Council seat for District 1, which encompasses the northern two-thirds of the state including 109 towns and four cities (Berlin, Claremont, Laconia and Lebanon). Each council district represents 20% of the population but the sheer size of this district makes it unique. The Council votes on the top positions in state government as well as those who serve on commissions and boards, judges to the judicial system: District, Superior and Supreme Courts, and all contracts over $25,000.00. A major part of the councilor’s job is representing the needs of the district and its constituents; this is particularly important in District 1.

Some issues of concern for me are: The opioid crisis, lack of job opportunities, exodus of young people, aging of the population, Medicaid expansion, improvement to infrastructure including roads, bridges and internet access and funding for tourism. I also want to encourage more residents of District 1 to serve on boards and commissions.

District 1 is a very special and scenic place and having spent my life here I always want to be mindful of that in my action serving on the Council. I was born and raised in Littleton and for the last 36 years have lived in Hanover with my wife, Julie, and our son Connor, who is a junior at Saint Michael’s College. I have another son, Cameron, and two grandchildren, Gavin and Leah, who reside in Colorado. My mother is 94 and lives in Franconia. I have had some wonderful work opportunities that will well prepare me for the council – teacher, banker, financial consultant and executive director of a non-profit that dealt with substance misuse. I also was a County Commissioner in Grafton County for 19 years. Currently, and for the last 21 years, I have served as a member of the Commission of the $17 billion Unique 529 plan managed by Fidelity.

I am ready to fight for District 1, will you join me?