Cryans for Executive Council


As many of you have heard, the Executive Council districts are shaping up to be very different this year. Today, I am announcing that I am running for the newly reconfigured District 2 Executive Council seat.

The new district is now made of 46 municipalities from District 1, 32 municipalities from District 2, and 3 municipalities from other districts. The 46 municipalities that were in District 1 now make up the majority of towns that will be in District 2. This district makes up much of the western half of New Hampshire.

I found my previous job experiences to be very helpful while serving on the Council. My experiences as a high school teacher in Littleton, Senior Vice President at a bank in Hanover, and Executive Director at a substance misuse center in Lebanon have given me the ability to work with many communities around the state. I have also served on several boards, such as the Unique 529 College Savings Commission, the New England Drug Court, and the Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital Board.

I truly appreciated being able to help people who needed a voice during difficult times. After 19 years as a Grafton County Commissioner and two years as an Executive Councilor, I would love to be your voice once again. I think of the hundreds of calls I received from people struggling financially during COVID-19, and particularly remember a call from a young woman who had not received her unemployment benefits for a number of weeks. Bills were piling up, kids needed to be fed, and her family had few resources. I came home one night and played the answering machine to hear her say that she just got her check, and you could almost feel the weight of the world being lifted off her shoulders. To me this is what our role is — helping those in need.

No matter how busy my day is, I always make time to go running. Currently, I have an 11 year running streak, and recently passed 111,111 miles over the last 31 years. I will bring the same commitment, dedication, and persistence to another term on the Executive Council.

In this brand-new district, I look forward to campaigning to be your District 2 Councilor. I will bring local, grassroots-style politics to Concord, and will fight for Democratic values for my fellow Granite Staters.

I am proud to fight for District 2– will you join me?


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